Friday, April 6, 2007

Polenta and Baba Ganoush

I read Susan at’s recent post about baba ganoush and her enthusiasm for it made me really want to try it. It’s super simple to make. I think it’s a taste that takes a little while to get used (for me anyway), but the more I ate the more I liked it!. Even though it gives you mega garlic breath I really enjoyed it with my celery and carrot sticks :)As I was already toasting the aubergine for the baba ganoush I thought I might as well throw some other veggies in the oven. So I also roasted some onion, courgette, cauliflower and broccoli. I know they look like kind of burnt and shrivelled, but they were soooo good! I’ve never roasted cauliflower before and I think it’s the tastiest way I’ve ever eaten it. Even Wee G liked it and he generally doesn’t like cauliflower (unless it’s in curry). I served the roasted veg over Millet and Spinach Polenta from VWAV. I also made a lazy, quick tomato sauce from a can of fire roasted tomatoes, basil and garlic.
Next night we had polenta again. This time I topped it with some pesto I whizzed up. I only added one tablespoon of olive oil and used some water to make it slightly “saucier”. It worked really well and I prefer this to a regular pesto laden with oil. And it's much lower in fat! Yay!


Mary said...

There are so many recipes from VWAV that I haven't tried. Polenta is so awesome. I think I'm going to try that recipe soon. And the baba ganoush is awesome.

SusanV said...

I have to agree with you about the baba ganoush-garlic breath. I work at home and can eat it at lunch without offending anybody, so I forgot to mention it in my blog. You really do taste the garlic all day!

All your food looks great. I just love the thought of pesto on polenta. Heck, I just love the thought of pesto on anything!

Anonymous said...

I've never tried bab ganoush because it brings up the image of soggy eggplant to me for some reason. After seeing your photo, I may have to try it because it looks more hummus-like than mushed up eggplant.

Anonymous said...

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