Sunday, October 28, 2007

Remember Summer?

I can’t believe it has been 4 months since we got back to Scotland now and I have blogged so few times since getting back! I just seem to have been so busy...I am having a hard time adjusting to being back at work and having enough time to fit in all the other things I would like to do!

The day we moved back to Scotland was the longest day of the year. We arrived home in the morning and to try and beat jet lag I vowed to stay up until it got dark. It was a bad idea as it didn’t get dark till around 11pm!

That day my Mum made the whole family a vegan dinner of a delicious shepherd’s pie (made with veggie mince). Yum!

Followed by some beautiful berries. It's so nice to have a home cooked vegan meal made by someone else!

Throughout the summer my Dad gave us lots of home-grown lettuces and leaves that made lots of great salads. Here’s one with tomatoes, grilled courgettes and peppers served with potatoes sprinkled with Dad’s home-grown mint. It's nice to just nip to the greenhouse to pick out your dinner!

One sunny Saturday morning in July I decided to test out the farmer’s market, set in the shadow of Edinburgh castle. Whilst it wasn’t the veggie heaven I was hoping for (in fact there was a severe lack of veggies and far too much meat) I did pick up a few things.

Some delicious organic bread, raspberries, strawberries and exotic mushrooms.

I identified the mushrooms as crimini, shitake, oyster, chanterelle and enoki. However there was one mystery mushroom that I couldn’t identify...perhaps it was just a stalk!

My mushrooms became a simple but tasty soup with the help of some onions, garlic and soy milk. Served with the gorgeous fresh bread it made a fantastic lunch.

The fruits were blended in to a scrummy smoothie.

Now summer is well and truly over as today the clocks turn back and we head in to winter. But what better way could there have been to use that extra hour today than catching up on the blog :)


Holler said...

Yeah, you're back!

I bet your mum and da are glad to have you back too!

That shepherd's pie looks good!

I found the same problem with the farmer's market here in Dundee, it was mostly meat too! Herumph!

Geraldine said...

Saw your name over at Kleo's thought Id stop by. Yummy photos, loved the Shepard's Pie, looks terrific. Hope you will stop by my blog too....

Jackie said...

Nice mushrooms...looks like a stalk of a big mushroom.

I remember when I was a child I had a jigsaw of Edinburgh Castle, it fascinated me and I always wanted to visit on my overseas trips but sadly never got there.

laura jesser said...

So great to see a post from you. That shepherd's pie looks wonderful! And I love the mushrooms, such a great veriety!

Jen said...

The Edin farmers market is a bit meat heavy, isn't it? It's frustrating at this time of year but it picks up a bit in the spring. (And Grow Wild do a good box scheme if you're looking for one.) Your fruit and 'shroom haul look lovely, along with the soup and shepherd's pie. Mmmm, shepherd's pie...

bazu said...

Oh, thank you so much for this post. The sunny photos of luscious summer produce helped me to forget that it's almost November! Your parents seem to have great taste in food as well.

P.S. I answered your question on my blog! ;-)

The Little Vegan said...

Mushrooms are sooo good, no matter the type ;o). Before I became vegan, I hated mushrooms... what was I thinking?! Luckily, my tastes have changed.

VeggieGirl said...

yay, you're back in the blogging world again!! glad that you're settling in, back home :0)

wow, the shepherd's pie, berries, salad, and smoothie look incredibly scrumptious!! And oh my goodness that photograph of Edinburgh castle is spectacular - I would LOVE to visit Scotland one day, so how you're making me want to go there even more!! :0)

urban vegan said...

What a sweet mom to make you that vegan shepherd's pie. May I have a slice?

While the farmers' mkt may not be green enuogh for you, it certainly looks pretty in that historic setting.

scottishvegan said...

Holler, I think my mum and dad are bored of me now..ha ha!

Geraldine, I can’t get on to your blog. If you come back please give me the link again, ta!

Jackie, you can still visit Scotland!

Laura, my Mum will be pleased that everyone seems to like her shepherd’s pie!

Jen, I will need to look in to the box’s something I’ve been thinking about.

bazu, my mum and dad are omnis, so they don’t quite have the same awesome taste in food as us! ;)

Little Vegan, I am glad you have seen the error of your ways regarding shrooms! :)

Veggie Girl, I’ll try to get more photos of Edinburgh on to my blog is a beautiful city.

Urban Vegan, sorry, that shepherd’s pie is long gone! You will need to wait for the next one to get a share! I think the best thing about the farmer’s market is the setting!

Kati said...

I can totally relate about the moving and adjusting bits - it takes awhile to get truly settled in. The food looks so fresh and delicious, just what we need now that winter is slowly creeping up on us!

SSTragus said...

The big mushroom that looks like a stalk is a King Oyster mushroom (not just its stalk). It is wonderful breaded in vegan tempura batter, deep fried (I know, not the healthiest) and dipped in a zesty dipping sauce. Maybe have vegan sushi on the side, and edamame. Mmm! I'm getting hungry again, though i just ate.

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