Thursday, February 8, 2007

Ghoulish Goulash and Green Goddess Potatoes

I made goulash the other day with seitan. It was very blah and not really worth blogging about, but what I do really want to blog about is the potatoes that we had with it. They are called Green Goddess Potatoes and I got the recipe from. Don’t Get Mad, Get Vegan’s blog . And they are sooooo good! Honestly, you have to try them. They are a mix of red potatoes and sweet potatoes, mashed together with some kale and garlic to create a creamy, garlicky, sweet and scrummy masterpiece.
The name makes me chuckle cos it makes me think of The Green Goddess of 80’s fitness and green leotard fame. Fortunately you don’t need to don an electric green leotard and break in to a sweat to make these.


Melody said...

Those potatoes look amazing.. I make a simmilar dish... probably inspired by her recipe too!
I have some cooked sweet potatoes now.. and some kale and some white potatoes.. hmm... maybe I'll make that for dinner with some Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy and a salad.. mmmm..

Urban Vegan said...

I never heard of the Green Goddess--she looks so chicly retro.

The taters are certainly much more timeless!

scottishvegan said...

Melody - I definitely have to try the potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy too. I am sure it would be fantastic!
Urban Vegan - I should probably have said that the Green Goddess was famous in the UK in the 80's, so that's probably why you haven't heard of her! :)