Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine Veggie Fajitas

For our Valentine’s meal last night I made some veggie fajitas with some Morningstar Farms Meal Starters Chik'n Strips. The only vegan tortillas I could find in the store were low carb ones which I didn’t realise are pretty horrible. They were chewy and dry. So I decided to make my own, using this recipe, but using 1/3 whole wheat pastry flour. My tortillas turned out soft and tasty, but I found it very hard to get them thin enough as they puffed up a bit when cooking. I think you really need to have a tortilla press to get them right. I forgot to take a photo of them so you don’t get to see how un-round they were!!

We had them with some homemade guacamole and some Toffuti Better Than Sour Cream ...and, of course, a few Margaritas!

For dessert we had some Mucho Margarita Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. Although I thought the sugar around the edges looked really cute, I think it made the cakes too sweet. Or that might just be because I managed to get a ton of sugar on each cake :) I was a little disappointed that these cakes did not taste more limey but they were still nice.

Wee G got me these...he's a sweetie :)

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