Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mini Pizza Party

The pizzas were dinky and the guest list small (me and Wee G) so it was about the most mini pizza party you could have! This one had mushroom, onion and pineapple.
This was tomato and basil.
And this is more of a garlic bread than a pizza. I just squished a couple of cloves of garlic and mixed them with a bit of chopped parsley and basil and a sprinkling of dried oregano. Then I mixed in some olive oil and spread it over the dough.

The pizza dough and sauce were from Vegan With A Vengeance. I did change the pizza dough recipe a little by using half whole wheat pastry flour and half white flour. The crust turned out nice, but it did have a bit of a flaky pastry texture to it. I guess that was the whole wheat pastry flour! Next time I will just stick with the white flour. If you are going to eat pizza I guess you just have to admit that it’s not the healthiest thing in the world and not bother trying to make it healthier or you will sacrifice some of the taste. At least it didn’t have fatty cheese all over it!
I think the garlic bread was my favourite, followed by the tomato/basil. The mushroom onion and pineapple one just needed a bit more topping, but I hadn’t wanted to overload it.
And we did have some salad with the pizzas...

In case you are wondering we ate all three pizzas and all the salad. It’s definitely the year of the pig in this house :)


KathyF said...

I love to make pizza! Rolling it and decorating it!

I just heard about Sheese vegan cheese today, from Scotland. I haven't seen it around here, but now I know to look for it. We also have Cheezly, which is what I put on pizza and other dishes that just have to have cheese.

I will have to try pineapple on pizza. I bet Daughter Number Two would love that!

Melody said...

Pizza looks great! Pineapple is one of my favorite toppings!

Anonymous said...

The garlic bread one would probably be my fave too. It looks yummy.

bazu said...

Oooh- I need some inspiration to bake pizzas! Yours look so good. Lately, I've been having a little too much junk and packaged stuff. Send me your baking vibes!

scottishvegan said...

I keep hearing about this Sheese too. I will need to try it when I am next back in Scotland. I don’t miss “real” cheese, but if it’s as good as everyone says then I will need to give it a go!

Before going meatless Wee G’s favourite topping on pizza was always ham and pineapple so it was there for his benefit, but I enjoyed it too.

Bazu, I sent the baking vibes to you...have they reached you yet?!! :)