Friday, March 23, 2007

Chickpea Crazy!

Anything with chickpeas is good in my opinion and I’m always looking for other ways to cook them . This Hummus-Quinoa Casserole is from Vive! and although it sounds like a strange mix it turned out really well. It’s a layer of quinoa covered with a layer of hummus and topped with veggies roasted in balsamic vinegar (to which I added garlic to make them extra tasty). It came out a little dry, but I think that was because I loosely halved the recipe and ended up with too much quinoa. I’ll definitely make it again with a few changes and I’m looking forward to it cos it was really good.
It looks quite pretty in the dish, but I made a bit of a mess taking it out so it looked a little different on the plate :)

For my casserole I made Creamy Hummus also from Vive! As I’m not crazy about tahini I substituted peanut butter as suggested by laura jesser and Melody a while back. And it was yumalicious! So thanks for the idea! And it also enhanced the smell of the casserole as it had a lovely peanutty aroma when I took it out the oven.

Last night we had some Morroccan Chickpea Patties that I have blogged about before. They are so good! And great with some potato wedges and a salad. Try them if you haven’t done it already!


KleoPatra said...

Those chickpea patties look amazing!!!!!!!!!! The casserole also must be fantastic. A mix of hummus and quinoa? What could be better?! And i'm also not crazy about tahini... like at ALL. I think i'd go with the peanut butter as per Melody's suggestion, too. Good stuff, SV!

Urban Vegan said...

I actually ate plain chickpeas with a little olive oil for lunch--can't get enough, just like you!

bazu said...

You can't have enough chickpeas- truly! I've heard that they are so ridiculously good for you. I love snacking on them right out of the can, like popcorn. Sometimes that means I don't have enough for my recipe... good thing I always have a back-up can! or 2!

Melody said...

I adore chickpeas too..

and that salad looks amazing!

laura jesser said...

Yummm, the Moroccan chickpea patties show up again. I still haven't tried them, but... they're still on my list! I'm glad the peanut butter thing worked out for you--and it does sound really tasty, the smell of peanut butter roasting in the oven.

aTxVegn said...

I too am a huge chickpea fan! I think the casserole sounds awesome. I haven't made the patties because I don't like fennel.

Your salad is beautiful!

scottishvegan said...

klepoatra, the chickpea patties are amazing, you should try them!

urban vegan, yum, that sounds like my kind of lunch!

bazu, I have a habit of munching half of them before I’ve added them to the recipe!

melody, I am beginning to think perhaps that everyone loves them! Thanks again for the peanut butter in hummus idea!

laura, you really should try the patties…they are so good! Thanks again for the hummus tip!

aTxVegn, I didn’t think I liked fennel either but I hadn’t really eaten it much before because I don’t like aniseed tasting things.. But it’s not too strong in these patties and I love them! It might be worth trying them…you never know you might like them!

vko said...

I too heart chickpeas and anything made with chickpeas- those patties look delish...