Monday, March 5, 2007

Johnny Rockets and Vegan Factory

Over at the you can pick up a coupon for a free veggie burger at Johnny Rockets. We are always up for some free food, so on Saturday we printed off a voucher and headed over to our nearest Johnny Rockets. We have never been in before as I’ve always assumed that there would be little chance of getting anything remotely veggie friendly there. As it happens, their veggie burger and fries are vegan.

The restaurant we visited was tiny and the majority of the seats were at the u-shaped counter. Never having sat at a counter in a diner-type place we thought it was pretty cool…seems very American to us! We ordered our veggie burgers and within minutes we had fries in front of us and these cute plates of ketchup and mustard. Flowers for the girls and smiley faces for the boys. No mustard for the girls…seems a bit sexist to me :)
Not long after that our burgers arrived. They were Boca burgers in a white bun with mustard, tomato, grilled onions, pickle and iceberg lettuce. They were ok, just nothing special. The fries though were really good…straight from the fryer, hot and crispy. Not very healthy, but very tasty! I liked the service, the fries and the cute ketchup plates, but I don’t think I would go back because I could make a yummier veggie burger at home…with Vegenaise and a whole wheat bun…mmmm!

Then on Sunday we ordered takeout from Vegan Factory our favourite local vegan Thai restaurant. We got “fish” and chips to start. Chips twice in one weekend…we are so bad! They are so good though! Then for our mains I got Tofu Green Curry......and Wee G got Kung Pao “Chicken”. I love the food from this place and the service is great too.
Sorry, photos are not great. I took the photos at Johnny Rockets on my phone and the Vegan Factory ones were taken in a major hurry cos we were starving!!


Melody said...

It's great that more restaurants are serving vegan food. I remember when it was almost impossible to find a veggie burger on any menu..

Emmy said...

Wow, a vegan Thai food place...that's awesome!!! Your food from there looks great. I'm jealous you have a such a nifty vegan restaurant nearby :)

Veg-a-Nut said...

Bummer no Johnny Rockets in my neck of the woods. The plates looks so cute. We are going on a photo shoot with my DH next weekend and lunch is at a Asian restaurant. I hope they have something good to offer.

Scott Hughes said...

I usually can find a veggie burger at any diner or such place. Although, I think part of being a
vegan is not eating out so much.

aTxVegn said...

We have great vegan Thai food here, but no Johnnie Rockets. I'm with you, my own veggie burgers are quick and easy to make and I know they taste good.

I'm glad you tried the chickpea broccoli casserole and liked it. I eventually ate all of mine. But I just prefer those ingredients separate, I guess. The scones look great! They are such an easy vegan treat.

Brooke said...

I saw those coupons too! I think there is a Johnny Rockets pretty close by, so I may just have to grab me a free burger. Oh how I love freshly fried fries. :-)

scottishvegan said...

Melody, I too think it’s great that restaurants offer more veggie choices. I have found it harder here than in the UK though where most places mark veggie options clearly on their menus.

Emmy, yes we are very lucky to live so close to Vegan Factory. Not only is the food great, but the staff are really nice and the delivery was super fast.

Veg-a –nut, I hope you get something good while you are away. Asian restaurants usually have a reasonable veggie selection.

Scott, I personally don’t think that part of being a vegan means that you should eat out any less. I think that people purchasing vegan choices in regular restaurants encourages these restaurants to provide more veggie options and raise awareness of veganism/vegetarianism. And that’s a good thing to me.

Atxvegn, I hope you didn’t force your chickpea broccoli casserole down! The scones were lovely, but too easy just to munch them all when they are sitting around the house!

Brooke, fries are the best part about going for a burger. In fact on Saturday I only ate about half the burger, but most of the fries!! :)

bazu said...

Wow it all looks and sounds so great! I love those ketchup and mustard works of art.

Hmmm... I can't pass up a free burger, can I?...

laura jesser said...

Hey, that's cool that the Johnny Rocket's burgers are vegan--maybe I should print off a voucher too, as I'll be heading up near a Johnny Rocket's later this week.

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