Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Faux Chicken Salad

I don’t know why I keep making thing that seem to have the main ingredient missing (omelettes without eggs, clam chowder without clams), but I am continuing the trend here with this chicken salad without chicken. This is from How It All Vegan. I was looking for a tempeh recipe so that I could make something a bit more exciting than stir fry and found this. It’s basically steamed tempeh with vegan mayonnaise and celery, onion, soy sauce, mustard and garlic. I didn’t have the dill pickle the recipe called for and I added a grated carrot. The recipe suggests that you can add some curry powder as an option which I guess makes it like Coronation Chicken. I was a bit unsure on the first taste, but it grew on me and the next day when I had it for lunch I loved it.
Calling it faux chicken salad reminded me of an episode of King Of The Hill I saw a while ago. Hank went to a health food store where they sold tofu and faux-fu which was for the “tofu-intolerant”. I’m sure it was meant to be insulting to vegetarians, but I thought it was quite funny… I’d like to know what faux-fu tastes like… :)


Melody said...

Looks good! I find that almost everything tastes better the next day.. (lettuce salads and other things that get mushy like sushi being the exception)..

I had my green enchilada for dinner last night and it was really good, but today at lunch, it was exceptional. That's why I love leftovers so much!

laura jesser said...

Sounds delicious!

Emmy said...

Rob loves things like this. I have that cookbook so I'll have to add it to the list. And thanks for the heads up that the flavor improves the next day :)

Jackie said...

Very yummy :)

bazu said...

Hee hee- I would try faux-fu! I don't think I saw that episode of King of the Hill! Your salad looks delicious- I love those kinds of things- easy and great sandwich fillers, dips, very versatile! And of course, I'm a tempeh lover.

KleoPatra said...

i love that... making food w/out the main ingredient. CLEVER! Who needs eggs? Or clams? No thanks! I'd love your chicken salad sans chickies, for sure... Nothing's better than eating food that never used to have a beating heart, y'know what i mean?! Lookin' good, S.V.!

Times like this, i'm sorry i never watch TV... that episode of "KOTH" must've been good. I remember years ago seeing a snippet of "The Simpsons" in which Lisa (vegetarian Lisa, i must note) was asking her dad to serve veg food at a neighborhood gathering, a picnic or something if you will.

And that request caused Homer to sing, "You don't make friends with salads... you don't make friends with salads..."

(Or something like that!)

aTxVegn said...

That looks great. I've been searching for a good chik'n salad, but I don't like mayo so much. Since you are the current queen of ingredient substitution, would you recommend subbing silken tofu for the mayo?

vko said...

That looks delicious! All your food looks extremely tasty...

That faux chicken salad will definitely be on my ever-growing list of things to make from all the wonderful vegan blogs.

King of the Hill was a damn funny show, never saw that episode though- faux-fu made me laugh out loud.

scottishvegan said...

melody, you are right. Most things do taste better the next day. I should be more organised and make everything in advance!

laura, thanks, it was delicious!

emmy, hope you enjoy it!

jackie, thanks for dropping by :)

bazu, we will need to find somewhere that sells faux-fu! ;) Or perhaps we can learn how to make it ourselves… :)

kleopatra, I don’t remember that episode of The Simpsons, sounds funny! But I do love that Lisa is veggie, if only they would make her vegan!! Maybe in the movie?!!

atxvegn, in the original recipe they used soy mayonnaise (also a recipe in How It All Vegan) so I am sure it would work very well! There are recipes for soy milk mayonnaise and tofu mayonnaise in How It All Vegan and I am sure you could use either. They are both basically tofu/soy milk blended with lemon juice, salt, pepper and some oil.

vko, hope you enjoy it if you make it. It makes me laugh every time I think of faux-fu, but I am pretty easily amused :)

Anonymous said...

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