Tuesday, March 13, 2007

French Toast

We rarely have white bread in the house, but after making the no knead bread I thought I would take the opportunity to use it to make some Fantastic French Toast from Vive Le Vegan!
It was really nice with a delicate cinnamon/nutmeg flavour, unlike French Toast we used to eat when we were kids which was more savoury and flavoured with salt and pepper. I remember my Mum making it for lunch for my brother, sister and I. We would eat it faster than she could make it and then hover behind her in the kitchen demanding more! I wonder now if my Mum ever actually got to eat any or if the bread ran out before she even got a slice!
Anyway, this was delish and with the fruit and maple syrup added it was almost more like dessert than brunch. My only problem was that it stuck quite badly to my non-stick pan, but it wouldn’t deter me from making it again.


Urban Vegan said...

Looks so yummy with the fresh fruit on top...

bazu said...

That looks really good- lately I'm craving fruits of all kinds! That's so cool that you tried the no-knead bread- I haven't gotten around to it yet myself. Oh, and your story about the savory french toast is interesting-I bet it would also be easy to veganize.

Melissa said...

Drool!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just wanted to say that I sliced up the rest of my banana bread and froze it. Now in the morning (or the night before), I just pull out a slice and defrost it. That way its not sitting on the counter tempting you!

laura jesser said...

The Vive recipe is the best French toast I've ever had... and French toast is something that I LOVE. That looks so tasty that I think I will have to put forth the effort to make a batch--tomorrow?

Reading your previous post, I have to say that you are NOT the only one who had no-knead bread troubles! I tried it waaaay back in November and it didn't rise. At all. I basically had a hard, dense pancake. I haven't gotten around to trying it again--maybe I will.

scottishvegan said...

urban vegan, the fruit is there so that I can pretend it's semi-healthy :)

bazu, I am sure I probably could try veganising the savoury French Toast but I really like Dreena’s version now, so I don’t know if I would bother!!

melissa, that’s a good idea about freezing the banana bread…although I would probably still manage to eat half of it before it got to the freezer :)

laura, did you make your French Toast? I am sorry that your no knead bread didn’t turn out well either. I think I will just stick with regular bread from now on :)