Saturday, January 13, 2007

Vegan Factory and Pancakes with Cinnamon Fruit

Vegan Factory is a yummy vegan Thai restaurant near where we live and not, as Wee G claims, a place where vegans are mashed up and made in to burgers. It’s my favourite place to eat out…I love being able to go out to eat and be able to choose anything on the menu! Plus the food is delicious and the staff are really friendly. The photos are taken on my phone so they are not great.
We started with “Fish” and Chips…not exactly Thai but very yummy. The “fish” tastes kind of fishy, but not so much that it actually feels like you are eating real fish (the shrimp on the other hand tastes really real to me and I can’t eat it…it freaks me out!). In the photo the “fish” looks quite like the chips, but it has dark bits on the ends.
I ordered Tofu with Garlic and Black Pepper. I usually get a curry, but wanted to try something else. It was really nice, but I will probably go back to curry next time. I don’t know how well you can see in the photo, but the rice is molded in to a heart shape…very cute!
Wee G ordered Pepper Steak with Baby Corn and Mushrooms. It’s fast becoming his favourite. He can order food from Vegan Factory for lunch through his work and they pay for it…lucky boy!
Today for brunch we had Pancakes with Cinnamon Fruit. Before moving to the US, we rarely ate pancakes, apart from on Pancake Day. But as they are considered breakfast food here we feel that we should eat them every weekend…just to fit in of course!! I got the original recipe from ages ago and use it all the time. I omit the oil and use half whole wheat flour, half all purpose flour. If you try this recipe you must make sure not to overmix the batter. It’s best to mix all dry ingredients together well before adding the liquid…this way your pancakes will be super fluffy!

The Cinnamon Fruit is just made from whatever fruit we have around (in this case apple, banana and tangerine) mixed with a drop of lemon juice, water and cinnamon. This is then heaped on top of the pancakes and smothered in maple syrup…yummy!!

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